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Friday-Red Ball cricket

Gobi S.T (

Friday-Red Ball cricket

Friday is many fun planned day for expatriate in gulf. But the Red ball cricket is the most loved and most filled fun for cricket playing expatriate in gulf.
Cricket is Emotion!!!
Yes this emotion gives boost for next 01 week for cricketers. It’s not very easy like playing street cricket in home nation. Friday morning
Body will not allowed to get in from bed but, mind says HURRY UP!!!
Transportation is huge roll of Friday cricket and sometimes it’s decide who will play for the team. Friends with car there’re the  Friday heros .
All the matches, every day begins differently and ends with same loved cup of tea.
Meeting different nationalities and same nationalities in opposition team its unexplainable experience, and also sharing tips with own language (which
Other team can’t understand) its loved part of the match.
Unlikely players will carry the red ball marks in the body & its happens regularly .Always balling and the fielding is hard part of the match.
Judging the ball against sun & chasing the ball in rolling sand gives battle ground experience for players.
WIN or LOSS its smiles & snaps will remain.
Friday red ball cricket its Gift for Gulf boys…..

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Shanawaz Mukkolakkal:  100%
Rangika Bandara:  Really true & perfect article !! Well-done brother Gobi
Kisho Kumar:  Good one bro ❤️❤️
Kabilash Piramaiah:  Nice one Brother ❤️